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Weekend foreCAST- Our Picks for this weekend

Of the shows opening this weekend, these are the ones we want to see. We might agree entirely. We might disagree completely. These shows could end up being great or terrible. As always we encourage you to chime in with your thoughts on our list and what shows you are seeing this weekend.

THEIR PICKS (We do agree on things occasionally):

1. South Pacific, Denver Center Attractions
This tour of the recent Lincoln Center revival of Rogers and Hammerstein’s classic musical promises to be a poignant evening. I’m not sure if all of the magic of the Lincoln Center production is portable — their incredibly vast and motorized stage, the impressive orchestra. But it’s so difficult to mount an older piece like this well, that it’s worth going out to see it when it’s done professionally!

South Pacific runs July 20 – Aug 1 at the Buell Theater in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Click the poster for tickets and info!

2. Guys and Dolls, Inspire Creative
Guys and Dolls is absolutely a classic Broadway hit and always promises to be a fun evening. It’s a fast-paced musical that is dense with comedy, so you’ll be sure to leave smiling with the songs stuck in your head for days.

Guys and Dolls runs July 23-July 31 at the Byron Theater in the Newman Center at The University of Denver. Click the poster for tickets and info!

3. Summertree, Applebox Theatre
Concerned with the issues and fears of a family in an uncertain time of war, this honest & essential play by Ron Cowen is both a celebration of key moments in life and a strong consideration of warfare and its resulting tragedy. A young man with no name drifts between moments of innocent childhood, conflicted adolescence and present-day reality in a play that encourages audiences to question their origins, destinations, and present values.

Summertree runs July 21- August 1 at the Tivole Turnhalle at the University of Colorado Denver’s Auraria campus. Click the poster for tickets and info!


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