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Weekend foreCAST- Our Picks for This Weekend

Of the shows opening this weekend, these are the ones we want to see. We might agree entirely. We might disagree completely. These shows could end up being great or terrible. As always we encourage you to chime in with your thoughts on our list and what shows you are seeing this weekend.

The Love List, Town Hall Arts Center
This comedy by Canadian playwright Norm Foster has a lot of promise – it promises to be fresh, funny, current, and fast-paced. This three-person play is a new twist on the question of what happens when everything you wish for comes true – at least as far as love is concerned.

The Love List runs July 30 – Aug 22 at the Town Hall Arts Center in Littleton. Click the poster for tickets and info!

Smokey Joe’s Cafe, Lake Dillon Theatre Company
This score is more than smokey — with songs like “Fools Fall in Love,” “Yakety Yak,” and “Jailhouse Rock,” this score is teeming with American rock hits.  Lake Dillon’s Summer Repertory company has shown they’ve got the pipes to pull it off, so there’s no reason not to see this compelling revue.

Smokey Joe’s Cafe
runs July 29-August 26at the Lake Dillon Theater (Thursdays at the New Pavilion at Keystone). Click the poster for tickets and info!

Tomfoolery, The Denver Victorian
It must be the weekend of musical revues! This one, based on the music of Tom Lerher, features some of his wittiest work. “The Masochism Tango,” which opens the piece, should set the scene for a delightfully clever evening!

Tomfoolery runs July 30- August 28 at the Denver Victorian Playhouse. Click the poster for tickets and info!


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