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His and Hers Newsflash – “Saved!” and “Glee”

HIS FIND: Musical based on the movie Saved! will see new life starring Finley, Rowat, and Spangler

In 2008, a new musical  premeired Off-Broadway based on the movie about Christian high school students. Stacked with plenty of Broadway experience at the helm including Director Gary Griffin (The Color Purple), music/lyrics by Michael Friedman (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson), and book by John Dempsey (Zombie Prom) and Rinne Groff (Compulsion) the show will try an improve upon what they found in their earlier run. “Saved is like many other successful musicals that do not reach their full potential in their first production. I believe we were only able to get a good first draft in New York, and it would be a shame to stop when we were just discovering the musical’s strengths,” Griffin said in a statement.” The show will also star many actors who are no strangers to Broadway themselves: Felicia Finley (The Wedding Singer, Happy Days) as Lillian, Graham Rowat (White Christmas, Guys and Dolls) as Pastor Mike, and Nick Spangler (The Fantasticks – Pictured to the right) as Patrick.

HER FIND: GLEE to head to Broadway?

I can only image what the Broadway purists are saying. You know, the ones that turn up their noses at The Wedding Singer or even Beauty and the Beast because they’re based on (gasp) movies. Now what about a new musical based on a T.V. show? To make it more complicated, what about a musical, based on a T.V. show about a show choir members, who sing a lot of original Broadway hits? Glee on T.V. isn’t really top-notch television (it’s just entertaining as all heck). so I’m not sure that Glee: The Musical! would count as top-notch theatre. But maybe when the Gleeks flock to New York to see the live version, they’ll also stop by some of the amazing shows that are feeding songs into their favorite pop hit. And just maybe, it’ll get a whole new generation of Gleeks to become bonafide theatre nerds!



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