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His and Hers Newsflash – “Spider-Man” and “Rock of Ages” Cast While “Idiot” Sues

His Find: Spider-Man and the Rock of Ages Tour Complete Casting

The two long awaited shows have been casting for a while now and finally they have announced their cast list. Spider-Man is set to open this fall after a long hiatus and budget increases in the neighborhood of $50 million. After such a long wait and creative geniuses Julie Taymor (The Lion King) and U2’s Bono and Edge, I really want to see this show. This will either be amazing or be dreadul. There is no in-between for this show.

Rock of Ages is heading out on tour, including a stop at the Denver Center next year, with the original lead man, Constantine Maroulis.  This show simply rocks and I can’t wait to see it when it stops in town.

Click the posters for the full lists!

Her Find: Former American Idiot Cast Member Sues for “Exploitation”

Morgan Weed, who played the understudy for the show’s lead female “Whatsername” back in the Berkeley Rep days, is suing the producers for using footage of her to promote the show without her permission. She did not move with the show to Broadway, and she claims the continued use of her has caused her “mental anguish”. Who knows whether this is legit or she is crying because she didn’t go with the show?

Click for the poster to read the full complaint!



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