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Introducing the DCA Ambassadors!

Are you, or do you know someone who is truly a “fan” of theatre? Not just performing, or watching your friends perform, but seeing it, supporting it, and introducing new audience members to it? We were utterly inspired to meet a group of theatre lovers who volunteer their time and energy to promoting productions performing at the DCPA. These energetic folks came to love the theatre from a number of paths – as performers, members of technical crews, or enthusiastic audience members, and now they’re some of the most dedicated fans we’ve ever met.

DCA Ambassadors and Their “Guilty” Beginnings

In preparation for the Denver stop of the Spring Awakening tour, Denver Center Attractions extended a program that began on Broadway by creating a small promotions team to help generate interest in the show. Originally called “The Guilty Ones,” for the sake of the show, today that team is still going strong under the official name DCA Ambassadors. Their sole purpose is to help bring in new audience members and expose as many people as possible to the professional theater that Denver has to offer. Do they do this by performing slavish tasks, like photocopying fliers in a dark basement or standing on a hot street corner wiggling one of those giant arrows toward the theater? No! They do what they would normally be doing – Facebooking, Tweeting, Blogging and Vlogging about how much they love the shows, and taking goofy pictures of themselves in show merchandise, hoping to convince friends and strangers to come see the show.

In return for the efforts, they can earn some pretty great prizes. The program is based on an easy point system where various types of promotional activities earn you a certain amount of points towards a specific show. You can participate as much or as little as you want. Get enough points and you get free tickets to opening night. Get some more and you might win some show merchandise, or a signed poster, or even the occasional meet and greet with some cast members!

We Are Now Fans of These Fans!

HE SAID: What impresses me most about the group is that they are a true mix of people (old, young, students, a restaurant manager, marketing professionals, etc.) who all have one thing in common – they all take time to support theatre. A lot of times “theatre people” only see or support the shows their friends are in, so it is refreshing to see people promoting shows for the sake of supporting theatre.

SHE SAID: I was really floored when I realized the amount of zeal these folks have for the theatre. One member of the group lives in Cheyenne, and drives into Denver for meetings and of course for performances. Another member of the group saw fourteen of the eighteen performances of the Spring Awakening tour in Denver. Several of them regularly travel to New York, so while they’re utterly dedicated to the season offered by the DCPA, they’re seasoned audience members on a larger scale as well.

THEY SAID: If YOU love seeing the Broadway tours that come through Denver, and think it sounds amazingly fun to earn prizes for doing a few things you are probably already doing, like being on Facebook, Twitter, or taking pictures of yourself, contact Heidi Bosk, Publicity and Promotions Associate for the DCPA, by emailing hbosk@dcpa.org.


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