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He Said/She Said’s Official New Year’s Resolutions!

As we look forward to 2011, we have several goals for this website that we thought we’d share with you. We hope that telling our readers about our resolutions will a) hold us accountable to following through on them, b) let you know what to expect and look forward to over the next year and c) give you an opportunity to provide feedback or input about what you’d like to see on our site.

1) Expand coverage to critique more theatre companies

Of the 50 shows we saw in the Denver area in our first six months, we saw around 20 different companies. That is a good start, but we realize that we have several gaps in our coverage. We aren’t able to increase our geographical range drastically, we would like to continue to expand the number of theatre companies that we are able to attend and critique. For example, we have yet to experience some of the best professional dinner theatre in the Denver area. So we hope to see productions at a greater number of companies in 2011.

2) Introduce new types of content

We’re looking forward to expanding our content beyond its focus on critiques and news. For example, we’d like  to conduct interviews with theatre artists in the Denver area (and those who travel here on tours) to give an insider’s perspective on the productions that we promote and critique. In addition, we plan on periodically writing opinion pieces that give our perspective on theatre happenings locally and across the nation.

3) Have more promotions and give-aways

We currently do a weekly contest where we giveaway a digital copy of the songs from that week’s all new episode of GLEE. We love being able to share these prizes and want to expand our offerings. We have already contacted several theatres in the area, who have graciously agreed to provide tickets for us to use in promotions on our website. So you can look forward to more give-aways for responding to our posts on our site, Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise participating in these promotions. (If you aren’t following us on Facebook and Twitter, be sure to do so to get the scoop on these upcoming contests.)

4) Recruit alternate reviewers

We hope to recruit alternate reviewers with solid training in theatre, a critical eye, and a conversational writing style. These alternates will help us during periods of time when one or both of us are performing in shows, and could potentially attend and critique shows when we are at full force as well, increasing our coverage! If you or someone you know is interested in writing for us, please email us at milehighcritics@gmail.com and submit a writing sample.



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