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Weekend foreCAST- Edge, Candlelight, DCTC and Curious

Of the shows opening this weekend, these are the ones we want to see. These could be the best shows of the year or these shows could end up being terrible. As always we encourage you to chime in with your thoughts on our list and what shows you are seeing this weekend.

HIS CHOICE: Extremities at The Edge Theatre Company

This marks the first show of the first season for the newly minted Edge Theatre Company and they certainly aren’t wading in the shallow end of the dramatic pool. Extremities is billed as “a searing drama about rape and the psychological impact of all involved. Marjorie, played by Kirsten Deane, turns the tables on her attacker Raul, played by Jason Maxwell. When her roommates arrive at home, Sonia Justl and Jessica Clare, no one is really sure who is the victim.”

For tickets and more information, click the poster!

HER CHOICE: Bye Bye Birdie at Candlelight Dinner Theatre

Inspired by Elvis Presley and his draft notice to fight in 1957, Birdie is a classic American musicals that sits well with a wide range of audiences. The original won a number of Tony Awards and spawned numerous revivals and a couple of movies. This musical has a certain good old-fashioned charm to it, especially with classic songs like “Put on a Happy Face”, so it’s no wonder it has become a staple in theatre all across the country. We bet it’ll be done well up at Candlelight. 

For tickets and more information, click the poster!



Map of Heaven at the Denver Center Theatre Company

Map of Heaven is the first of two world premiere’s being mounted at the Denver Center Theatre Company in the next two weeks. This one was read at the New Play Summit and follows in a long line of new works presented by the DCTC, most recently the first all english production of The House of the Spirits (REVIEW HERE). Word on the street, from people seeing previews, is that the technical elements, story, and performances, all come together to create an incredibly moving piece.

Circle Mirror Transformation at Curious Theatre

This latest offering from Curious is sure to be an interesting one for all, but especially those inside the theatre community. Circle Mirror Transformation is described as “a hilarious and touching story of a group of five misfit strangers taking an “adult Creative Drama” class in a small New England town. A tender human fragility underscores this witty and hysterical story of transformation, as hearts are quietly torn apart and tiny wars of epic proportions are waged and won over the six-week course. ”

For tickets and more information, click the poster!


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