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Interview: The Aluminum Show at the Denver Center

THE ALUMINUM SHOW is a unique theatre experience unlike anything really seen before. The brain child of Ilan Azriel and Ella Munk-Azriel, the show was conceived back in 2002 and has gone through many incarnations since then receiving international exposure and acclaim throughout the years. This latest tour began rehearsals last year when a new cast was flown out for intense rehearsals in Israel, spending two and a half months learning the old and creating the new, after which they hit the U.S. and our headed to Denver this weekend for three performances only. We had the chance to ask cast member Daniel Moser a few questions about this unique experience and find out a bit of what goes into this massive piece.

With shows like STOMP, Blue Man Group, or even the recent visit from Tap Dogs, there are very specific set of skills needed and a heap load of creativity required to be a part of the project. While play and musical actors might think their auditions to be intense, this process sounds like it is on a whole other level.

“After submitting my materials I was called in for 2 almost full days of auditions which included presenting a self-devised dance piece, rhythmic stomp dancing, numerous improved activities with different aluminum materials, choreographed tube dances, a portfolio presentation AND interviews. Honestly, it was a bit intense, but it was so much fun….All in all it was like a two-day aluminum theater boot-camp!”

But Moser makes it clear that the work had just begun. After the new cast members had been hired, they were all flown out to Israel to begin rehearsals, starting with some “basic” techniques. “There have GOT to be at least 101 ways to shake a tube! We went through so many variation of styles and techniques we could use to manipulate so many different materials. Day one, jet-lagged and all, they had us jumping onto giant silver balloons, and tango dancing with rolling high-powered electric fans!”

While this idea is not new, it’s evolution never stops with some older bits, according to Moser, are being “recycled (pun intended)”. However, the focus was the fact that what happens on stage is almost entirely new – from the costumes to the music to the concepts. The cast is extensively trained in a wide range of backgrounds allowing them to bring a full spectrum of talent.

“It was built around our strengths and what each of us could contribute to the equation. The ending product being a very fascinating and entertaining blend of genres and techniques….We have moments of hip-hop routines, with splashes of modern dance, sprinkled with rhythmic percussion drills, topped with break-dancing moves. You then throw in some jazz fingers, and a bit of ballet on the side and wha-d’ya got? OUR SHOW!!!”

But with an “offbeat” show such as this probably one of the biggest obstacles faced is the crowd reaction. When we asked around, not many people have heard of this show and had no real guess for what it was about, except placing it in the company of the off-center shows mentioned before. But the cast takes it as also one of the show’s best features.

“That makes every moment of the show, from the moment the light first dim, a moment of discovery, which is what the entire show is about. As characters we’re discovering this ‘aluminum world’ full of strange industrial objects and animated characters, and audiences are right there with us for every step the journey,  maybe not knowing what it is exactly what they just saw but just as eager to discover what in the world they’re going to see next.”

And so far, says Moser, the audience reaction has been amazing. “The kids have been loving it just as much as the parents, grandparents even more! We even had a group of hearing-impaired persons come to see the show, and the y were super excited afterwards. It’s a very, very, VERY energetic show, and a feel-good celebration that has been turning quiet small-town matinée audiences into screaming rock-star crowds! It’s a whole lot of fun…and a whole lot of foil!”

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The Aluminum Show hits the Denver Center of the Performing Arts this weekend for three performances ONLY! Saturday Night, Sunday Matinee and Sunday Night. For more information and tickets, click the banner below!


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