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Interview: Dixie Longate of Dixie’s Tupperware Party

Dixie’s Tupperware Party is back in Denver! Dixie’s Tupperware Party is a new brand of one-woman show. In addition to featuring brand-name Tupperware products for sale, Dixie offers an informative, improvisational, interactive and irreverent time! Throughout, Dixie manages to both poke fun at and honor the history of Tupperware parties and the feminist spirit that both condemns and takes pride in a good old-fashioned neighborhood Tupperware business.

WE SAID: Welcome, back to Denver, Dixie. We’re so glad you’re back.

SHE SAID: You know, I had so much fun when I was here last time, when they called me up said do you wanna come back for a couple weeks I said, “Hell yeah,” ‘cause everyone was so neighborly when I was here last time, that was just a big bucket of fun, so I’m so happy to be back.

WE ASKED: We often ask people whether the altitude here in Denver impacts their show at all – so we were wondering if the altitude maybe affects the seal on the Tupperware or whether there are any other precautions you have to take when you’re in Denver?

SHE SAID: Well I just have to make sure that I stay hydrated, the Tupperware stays fine, but sometimes I fall over, so I have to make sure that I stay hydrated and they say drink a lot of fluids, so I been drinking Vodka most of the day to prepare myself for the party. Because you know, I don’t want to have some episode happen in the middle of the party where I  all of a sudden keel over, that would be just unneighborly. If I was not able to finish doing the Tupperware party because of a sudden I was like laid up on the ground with one leg over my head, lord, that would be bad, so I been drinking, makin’ sure I’m stayin’ hydrated.

WE ASKED: Your parties involve a lot of audience participation. Do you have any favorite stories about audience members from previous parties?

SHE SAID: You know what, I’ve had so many great audience people, every time I do the program people come up, and sometimes they’re fun and sometimes they’re crazy, and I had, lord,  the one gal back in Des Moines, Iowa, she was so funny, she was a little old lady and you wouldn’t think twice about her bein’ crazy and freaky or nuthin’, but I got her up for one of my raffles, and we have a little ball on a little keychain, and she was showin’ stuff she would do with that ball with her husband, I was like oh lord, it’s like watchin’ my grandmother tell me something like that and I said, “And what else do you do,” she’s like, “Well grab me another ball and I’ll show you.”  She was funny… Lord, I woulda thought she’d have busted a hip.

WE SAID: Well, that’s what you get for making people feel so at home.

SHE SAID: Well I think that’s prolly true. You know, people feel real comfortable when they’re with me, and real neighborly, and so that’s why they always feel comfy to open up, sometimes they open up more than I axe ‘em to, like their legs or somethin’, but most of the time it feels like you’re being at home, you’re just at a party with some of your galfriends, and that’s what I love about it.

WE ASKED: In this day and age, people are addicted to the internet and they can get a 99- cent ziplock container at the grocery store and throw it away, so what do you think gets people out to live programs to buy real Tupperware?

SHE SAID: I think it’s because people still want to have a good time, they want to have fun and every time they’re at a Tupperware party they’re laughing and having a ball. You know how everybody nowadays is doing that social network, where they’re not being real social? And that’s what I love about Tupperware, it’s a social event, it was the original social network, it started out with a buncha ladies gettin’ together havin’ a good time talkin’ about food storage, but more importantly, they was just bein’ neighborly with each other, they was just bein’ social, and that’s what I love about the party. And that’s what people still love about the party all these years later, it’s an opportunity to get together with your friends and have a good time and have a cocktail and sure, learn a lil’ bit about the great food storage crap, but at the end of the day it’s a party, and that’s what people love best about it is that it still ends up being a party and everybody loves going to a party.

And instead of getting that stupid crap for 99 cents that you’re goin’ to end up throwin’ away and goin’ to the landfill, and then you’re goin’ to keep spending  99 cents every time you buy one, this way you buy one of the Tupperware containers, it lasts forever, you’re gonna have it forever, it’s got a lifetime warranty, and everybody always tells these stories of, “Oooh my grandmamma had this bowl and then she gave it to my mama and my mama gave it to me.” Well lord, that 99 cent thing you’re gonna get at the grocery store won’t gonna last you that long, but look at this product gonna last you about 30, 40, 50, 60 years, and that’s been handed down generation to generation, I think that’s what people really love about the Tupperware and that’s why they keep comin’ back.

WE ASKED: Has Tupperware ever saved your life?

SHE SAID: Well, you know what, I have had many instances where Tupperare has saved my life, sometimes just meta-fur-ic-ly and sometimes for real, in real life. There was that storm Katrina and everything was flooding, oh my lord, I gotta tell you, I have a big ass plastic bowl, big Tupperware bowl, 42-cup bowl? I was scooping out with one of those things, the water was coming in, I was scooping out, I saved my trailer because I was scoopin’, and everything got so, like all the earth was getting so soggy, you was able to cut right through and dig trenches out, so you could make the water go in different directions, and divert it away from where it was comin.’ I’m serious, that thing saved my damn trailer. I love my Tupperware, it saved my trailer, it prolly saved my baby’s life, the three year-old, would have just floated away. But he was able to jump in one of them Tupperware bowls and we’d grab the handles of it, so he didn’t float too far, otherwise we would have lost him. He’s little, we could have had another one, but still, we woulda had to start from scratch, and I’m busy.

WE ASKED: Our website tries to  represent his-and-hers perspectives. We both loved your party, but what would you say to a man who might not think that he’ll enjoy a Tupperware party?

SHE SAID: Well I’d say first of all, you damn hooker, look around, it’s a room full of women, you should be so lucky to get a room full of women with cocktails in their hand ready to have some fun. That’s hog heaven. Most men love that. And where else are you going to find that but at a Tupperware party?

WE SAID: Women who like to cook, and who will want to save leftovers for them in the Tupperware.

SHE SAID: Exactly. And with all that time they’re saving, they’re gonna have extra time to be in the bedroom to do some of that stuff with their hootenanny.

Dixie will be throwing parties at the Garner Galleria Theatre at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts until August 21. For tickets and more information about Dixie’s parties, click the banner above!


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