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Coming Soon: The Busy World is Hushed by Ignite Theatre

A skillful mix of comedy and drama, The Busy World is Hushed examines the contradictions we find in our faith, our families and ourselves. Never preachy and claiming no answer to the age-old challenge of reconciling a benevolent god with human suffering, this show encompasses an engaging mix of human interest, religious debate, and complex relationships.

We meet a widowed Episcopal minister (Mari Geasair) in the process of translating a long-lost gospel,  her long-absent gay son (Tim McGrath) who returns in an effort to understand the circumstances of his father’s death, and the man who may be able to heal the breach between them (Chris Silberman). The play (its title drawn from an Episcopal prayer) is about the intricacies of faith and doubt — what one believes, how one comes to beliefs and why one believes. It also tackles issues of sexuality, love, loss, predestination vs. free will, and why religion, faith and the human heart can’t always be reconciled.

“Rooting through the intricate tangle of motivations that undergird personal faith, Bunin offers an empathetic and fair-minded view of religion: not as some derisory opiate of the people but as morphine for someone in possibly mortal pain.” —Time Out NY.

Ignite Theatre will present the Regional Premiere of Keith Bunin’s The Busy World is Hushed (directed by Bernie Cardell) from March 23 through April 15, 2012 in the Aurora Fox Studio Theatre (9900 East Colfax, Aurora, CO 80010). Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm; Sundays at 6:00pm. Tickets: $25 – adults/$16 – students/$12 – groups of 6+. http://lucentperformingarts.org/busyworld.php.

Please note this play contains mature themes and adult language



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