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Athena Project Announces ‘Plays in Progress’ Series

Athena Project Announces ‘Plays in Progress’ Series

Athena Project is a professional group of artists dedicated to supporting and expanding women’s artistic contributions to the Denver stage and the wider community. The Plays in Progress Series will take place July 12-July 29 at The Aurora Fox (9900 E. Colfax Avenue in Aurora) and The Edge Theatre (9797 W. Colfax Avenue in Lakewood).  Each play is given a workshop level production (meaning actors on book with basic lights, sound, set and staging).  There will be an invited audience feedback session about each play after every performance and we are asking the audience to vote on which play they would like to see receive a full production in the Athena Project Festival in March 2013.

The lineup for the Plays in Progress Series:

  • Death By Hairbrush by Tami Canaday (local)

  • Marla and Her Prayers by Kim Merrill

  • The Living by Nina Miller (local)

  • Race Relations by Carrie Printz* (local)

  • The Record Breakers by Kendall Sherwood

  • Tell Martha Not to Moan by Clinnesha D. Sibley

Death By Hairbrush by Tami Canaday, directed by Amanda Holter (Playing at The Aurora Fox Friday, July 13 at 8pm and Saturday, July 21 at 3pm, and at The Edge, Friday, July 27 at 8pm)

An attorney, Rick, meets with a strange woman who in a pique of anger for not getting hired by Rick as a paralegal bequeaths him the gift of Oscar, a dead person, who does not know he is dead. Oscar may or may not be the husband of Rick’s loyal assistant, Tabatha.

Marla and Her Prayers by Kim Merrill, directed by Angie Foster (Playing at The Aurora Fox Saturday, July 14 at 8pm, Sunday, July 22 at 3pm, and at The Edge, Thursday, July 26 at 8pm)

Adam’s in juvenile detention for shooting and killing Marla’s 15-year old gay son.   His mother–as well as Marla’s mother–want public forgiveness before his release.  When Marla visits Adam in juvie, they fight, talk God, and revive memories of her dead son.  By the time of his release, Adam finds courage to tell his truth, and Marla learns to live, love, and forgive herself.

The Living by Nina Miller, directed by Penny Cole (Playing at The Aurora Fox Sunday, July 15 at 3pm, Friday, July 20 at 8pm, Sunday, July 29 at 3pm)

Three people find themselves at a beach motel in the off-season. Molly, a woman in her mid/late forties, has put her art-world life behind her and come to the ocean to fulfill a carefully wrought and very deliberate plan to kill herself, rather than face degenerative illness with no health insurance. Christopher, a man in his late twenties, is casting about for any renewal of value after losing faith in his academic research and his academic mentor. Christopher and Molly have become lovers, creating their own, very intense and private world. Liz, Molly’s late-30s sister, disrupts their magic when she comes looking for Molly, worried about her disappearance. Christopher and Liz each uncover the plan that Molly has managed to keep secret to that point. Molly’s first response is to flee and then to stubbornly return and claim her right to do as she chooses in the place she has chosen.

Race Relations by Carrie Printz, directed by Sarah Roshan (Playing at The Aurora Fox Friday, July 13 at 8pm, Thursday, July 19 at 8pm, Saturday, July 28 at 3pm)

At a liberal university campus in the mid-1980s, a student newspaper editor, Jen, and her rabble-rousing star columnist, Max, grapple with concepts of journalistic integrity as they question how to bring issues of race to light without inciting a riot themselves. Max Cohen accuses the head of the African-American Students Association (Shauna Johnson) of racism for refusing to let him into one of their meetings.  Shauna thinks he’s a dangerous racist and wants a retraction of his columns.  President Hall, the first African-American president at Porter University, challenges Max and Shauna to pull together a “race relations” summit, but their planning process soon turns into a wine-infused evening of argument, confessions and regrets. Max, Shauna and their friends struggle to define their beliefs and identities in this comedy/drama that explores the idealism and passion of collegiate life.

The Record Breakers by Kendall Sherwood, directed by Angela Astle (Playing at The Aurora Fox Saturday, July 14 at 3pm, Saturday, July 21 at 8pm, and at The Edge Sunday, July 29 at 7pm)

The women in the basement have struggled for years.  They’ve fought with their captors over their freedom, their bodies, their duties as sex slaves to the community of Toledo, OH, and even over the fate of a nine-year-old girl.  But when they get their hands on a copy of “The Guinness Book of World Records,” they have a new goal: to be record breakers themselves.

Tell Martha Not to Moan by Clinnesha D. Sibley, directed by Melissa McCarl (Playing at The Aurora Fox, Thursday, July 12 at 8pm, Sunday, July 22 at 7pm, and Saturday, July 28 at 8pm)

As the presidential election campaign plays out on the national stage and the 40th Commemoration of the Detroit Riot is marked, a series of memories taking place in a family home in Detroit, 2007, takes us on a unique and personal journey with a devoted and desolate elderly couple. With compelling dialogue and complex relationships, Tell Martha Not to Moan is a glimpse into the changing world as viewed from one African American home.

*Please note, Race Relations by Carrie Printz replaces Relative Communication by Nicolette Vajtay

 Athena Project envisions a world in which women’s voices are powerfully expressed and fully integrated into the creative life of every community.  Athena Project’s mission is to empower women and strengthen the Denver community through developing and showcasing women’s and girls’ artistic contributions, while inviting new audiences into the creative process. Visit our website for more informationwww.athenaprojectfestival.org.


Athena Project’s Plays In Progress Series

July 12-29, 2012 (Thurs. and Fri. at 8pm, Sat. at 3pm and 8pm, and Sun. at 3pm and 7pm)

Tickets:  $10/play or $35 for “PIP Pass” (all 6 plays as many times as you want)

Opening Weekend at The Aurora Fox Theatre (9900 E. Colfax Avenue, Aurora):

Thursday, July 12 at 8pm –Tell Martha Not to Moan

Friday, July 13 at 8pm— Race Relations

Saturday, July 14 at 3pm— The Record Breakers

Saturday, July 14 at 8pm—Marla and Her Prayers

Sunday, July 15 at 3pm— The Living

Sunday, July 15 at 7pm— Death By Hairbrush

2nd Weekend at The Aurora Fox Theatre (9900 E. Colfax Avenue, Aurora):

Thursday, July 19 at 8pm – Race Relations

Friday, July 20 at 8pm— The Living

Saturday, July 21 at 3pm— Death By Hairbrush

Saturday, July 21 at 8pm—The Record Breakers

Sunday, July 22 at 3pm— Marla and Her Prayers

Sunday, July 22 at 7pm—Tell Martha Not to Moan

Closing Weekend at The Edge Theatre (9797 W. Colfax Avenue, Lakewood):

Thursday, July 26 at 8pm – Marla and Her Prayers

Friday, July 27 at 8pm— Death By Hairbrush

Saturday, July 28 at 3pm— Race Relations

Saturday, July 28 at 8pm— Tell Martha Not to Moan

Sunday, July 29 at 3pm— The Living

Sunday, July 29 at 7pm— The Record Breakers



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