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Colorado Theatres Join Blue Star in Connecting Military Families with the Arts

Military families will now have another way to enjoy time together through the arts in their communities

Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for theatre, is pleased to announce that 57 theatres have now joined the Blue Star Theatres program. In partnership with Blue Star Families and with support from MetLife Foundation, the Blue Star Theatres program will connect a variety of theatre offerings to military personnel and their families across the United States. This initiative recognizes the profound contributions of service families and seeks to build stronger connections between theatres, military families and their communities.

Blue Star Theatres will build on the work already occurring at many theatres nationwide, including: playwriting classes to empower creative expression for veterans; community discussions on plays whose themes resonate with military families; free or discounted ticket programs; job postings and casting notices on military bases; and much more. TCG and Blue Star Families will connect theatres with local bases, and develop and disseminate best-practices for engaging with deployed personnel, veterans and service families.

“We’re grateful that so many LORT and TCG Member Theatres have stepped up to give back to our service members and their families,” said Teresa Eyring, executive director, TCG. “Theatre can provide an invaluable means of integrating military families into our communities while helping us process the consequences of these long years of war.”

“I’m honored to represent the 39 LORT theatres that have signed on to participate in the Blue Star Theatre program,” said Tim Shields, president of LORT and managing director of the McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton, NJ. “Theatre remains a place in our communities where all can gather to have a common experience; to participate in an art form that through the stories it tells provides such deeply felt emotion and entertainment. At the McCarter Theatre Center, we look forward to welcoming service members and their families so that they’ll be able to have those experiences and join in that community. When we each give back to those who have given us so much, we strengthen our own organizations and communities.”

57 TCG Member Theatres have already signed on to participate in Blue Star Theatres, including 7 Colorado based companies

“Thanks to the generous support of the MetLife Foundation, and the contributions of TCG and theatres across the county, military families will now have another way to enjoy time together through the arts in their communities,” said Blue Star Families executive director, Mark Smith. “TCG and participating theatres have gone above and beyond to offer interactive experiences for service members and their families, creating truly enriching opportunities.”

“MetLife Foundation is proud to expand our partnership with Blue Star Families and support the launch of the Blue Star Theatres program,” said Dennis White, president and CEO, MetLife Foundation. “Opening doors to theatres across the country is a wonderful way for members of our military and their families to share time together and experience the arts in their communities. The Blue Star Theatres program is also a way for MetLife Foundation to say ‘thank you’ to our servicemen and women.”

57 TCG Member Theatres have already signed on to participate in Blue Star Theatres, including 7 Colorado based companies: The Arvada Center, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Creede Repertory Theatre, Curious Theatre, Denver Center Theatre Company, THEATREWORKS, and Theatre Aspen.

For more information about Blue Star Theatres, visit: http://www.tcg.org/advocacy/bluestar/map.cfm.



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