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Weekend foreCAST: Maple & Vine, Office Space, and This Week’s Openings

Of the shows opening this weekend, these are the ones we want to see. These could be the best shows of the year or these shows could end up being terrible. As always we encourage you to chime in with your thoughts on our list and what shows you are seeing this weekend.

His Choice: Maple & Vine at Curious

Maple and VineFrom the Curious website:Katha and Ryu, a modern-day couple stuck in a modern-day rut, discover a way out of the troubles they’ve been having—moving to a planned community perpetually located in 1955. Harrison’s audacious premise takes the audience into a parallel universe that is hilarious in its attention to detail, and surprisingly seductive in its artifice. Have we made progress as a society? Is it possible to forego the values of the present for the mores of the past? Would we even want to? Garning rave reviews from audiences and critics alike, MAPLE AND VINE was recently produced at Playwrights Horizons in New York City.

Click the poster for tickets and info!

Her Choice: Office Space: The Musical

OfficeSpaceFrom the Colorado Theatre Guild website: The show is an original creation and the first-time ever onstage appearance by the accountants, whose bosses don’t know they’re doing the show — famous for its depiction of cubicle-farm madness and dim-witted managers.

Can the accountants get through the night — and through the performance — without completely embarrassing themselves and raising the ire of their supervisors? As the evening progresses, the accountants find their own lives taking center stage as egos collide, tempers flare, and deep-held infatuations are laid bare for all to see and hear in song! Musical numbers include “Flair,” “Jump to Conclusions,” “Stuck in a Rut,” “Change” and “The Story of Milton.”

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Don’t Forget: Ed, Downloaded at Denver Center

Ed, DownloadedFrom the Denver Center for the Performing Arts website: Both live action and feature film, this intriguing comedy tells the story of Ed, who is dying. Given a chance at immortality, he has his brain downloaded and is allowed ten memories to take into eternity. But when his wife discovers what they are, she intervenes.

For tickets and information, click the poster!

All of the Other Great Theatre Opening This Weekend


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