He Said/She Said’s March Madness 2013 – Rules of the Game

March Madness 2013 LOGO

What is He Said/She Said’s March Madness?

Simply put, it is a two part contest. The first part is a head-to-head tournament which brings a theatrical spin to the fun and excitement that surrounds the NCAA basketball championship while the second part offers you a chance to win an incredible PRIZE PACK that includes FREE tickets from every theatre company in the tournament.

How does it work?

For starters, we’ve arranged each of the 22 companies that have chosen to play in a single-elimination bracket. Each day, starting at 8 am  on Monday, March 25, our site will host one or more “games” (polls) that brings two “teams” (upcoming shows from different theatres) head -to-head and asks YOU to vote for which of two shows you are most excited to see this spring. To see the “team” you’re most excited for move forward in the tournament, VOTE FOR IT, and tell your friends to vote as well! At the end of the day, the “teams” with the most “points” (votes) will win their game and advance to the next round. The “games” will continue until their is one Champion standing.

How do I vote?

Starting March 25, there will be a different set of games (polls) posted here every day. You can vote once per day for each game (but there’s nothing to stop you from sharing the link and telling your friends to vote, too!). The Championship Game will take place on March 29. The winning team (show) and winner of the PRIZE POOL will be announced by Monday, April 1.

What’s this PRIZE POOL I hear so much about?

The PRIZE POOL consistent of a pair of free tickets from every company that has a show participating in the tournament, either to single shows or good for any show in their season. The PRIZE POOL will be split and awarded to the top two winners whose predictions for the tournament bracket comes closest to the results of the voting. You can enter the contest by submitting your predictions HERE.

Which teams are playing?

Can I get my show entered in the tournament?

The teams (shows from local theatre companies) have already been chosen for our 2013 tournament. Email us (milehighcritics@gmail.com) if you are interested in participating next year or if you have any questions.



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