Summer foreCAST: Noises Off at CSF

Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Boulder, Denver, Theatre, Theater, Reviews

From the CSF website: Send a fourth-rate acting company on tour to perform an atrocious bedroom “comedy” — featuring gratuitous lingerie, uncooperative props, and a painful lack of talent — and what do you get? In the case of Michael Frayn’s classic play-within-a-play comedy, Noises Off, more laughter than you can shake a sardine at. As the company stumbles and fumbles through three progressively chaotic performances of “Nothing On,” you’ll see the players reveal themselves in all their bumbling, slapstick glory from onstage and backstage, as both ridiculous characters and inept performers.

WHEN: June 29 – August 5, 2012

WHY WE ARE EXCITED: Noises Off certainly deserves a place on any list of masterfully written comedies. If your a fan of the movie, any live production is sure to be even more delightful, if the cast can handle the intricate timing and non-stop action. It’s fast, funny, sexy, and guaranteed to leave your head spinning. We can’t wait to see what the capable team at CSF can bring to this, and we’re doing crunches to prepare our abs for the laughing.

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