10/23 Remaining in Orbit at Evergreen

Remaining in Orbit
By Scott Gibson (Evergreen Playwright)
Henry “Hen” Loudin, a self-absorbed middle-aged man has shut himself off from the distractions and annoyances of the outside world, aided by his opinionated assistant Ginnie who runs errands–and interference–on his behalf. One day, Hen’s neighbor, the free-spirited Lissie bursts into his life, creating havoc with his well-ordered existence. A seriocomic examination of co-dependence between three slightly dysfunctional people each seeking a chance at happily-ever-after.
Directed by Len Matheo.
Performance dates: January 13 – January 29, 2012.
Rehearsal dates: Starting on November 8th, rehearsing Wednesday and Friday evenings with a mid day rehearsal on Saturday. Schedule is tentative, and may be arranged around the schedules of the cast.
Audition Details
Auditions will be held at Center/Stage, Evergreen, on Sunday October 23rd, at 9:00am-12:00pm. Please email productionmgr@evergreenplayers.org  for an appointment time for a closed audition. Please include your telephone number.
It would be helpful if you could bring the following:
• Copy of your Resume
• Headshot
• Dates of your prior commitments
We will be doing cold readings from the script.
Callbacks as needed.
If you would like us to send you an email reminder a few days before this audition is scheduled to occur, sign up for our email Newsletter.
Character Breakdown:
Hen (short for Henry) Late 40’s/Early 50’s: Hen is a self employed editor of reference and text books. He works from his cluttered study/office in his New York apartment. He is attractive in the sense that he is adorable in his obliviousness of others and the outside world, but that same character trait is what makes him stuffy, frustrating and annoying.

Ginnie: Late 40’s/Early 50’s: Hens personal assistant/Gal Friday. She is straightforward, tough and honest, and at the same time, vulnerable underneath.

Lissie: Mid 20’s: Hens neighbor. Spiky hair, a bit disheveled, heavy makeup, lots of jewelry. Lissie is struggling to find herself. A part time graphic designer, she admires Hen because he has a life and a career and cares about his work.
Other ways to participate
We are also after people to help out backstage – set construction, lighting and sound operators, costumes, props etc etc. If you’re interested please fill out our Volunteers Registration form. Thanks! www.evergreenplayers.org



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