12/3 And Things That Go Bump in the Night at Equinox
Equinox Theatre Company announces auditions for
Terrence McNally’s
And Things That Go Bump in the Night
Directed by Brian Brooks
Equinox Theatre Company is pleased to announce auditions for Terrence McNally’s And Things That Go Bump in the Night.Bizarre in style, yet filled with an arresting immediacy and perceptiveness, the play deals with a strange, intriguing family that has barricaded itself away in a cellar, seeking sanctuary from the fearsome, sinister world “outside” or often referred to as “it.” Led by Ruby, the mother, Sigfrid and Lakme (her children) lure “special visitors” to their home, only to be seduced and taunted. The father, due to his state of mind, interferes in no way, letting the madness plague his family. The grandfather makes numerous attempts to be a voice of reason. He fails, every time. To better understand the “look” and ‘feel’ we’re achieving in this production, think of a cross between a 50s horror film (Night of the living dead) meets a contemporary tragedy play (i.e. Sam Shepard’s Buried Child.) Definitely says theatre of the absurd.
Auditions, Call Backs and performances will be at The Bug Theatre, 3654 Navajo Street in Denver. Rehearsal locations TBD but it will be in a location in either S. E. Denver, Lowry, or the Highlands area.

Performances will be Friday and Saturday evenings February 24 through March 17
Rehearsals will begin in mid December before the holidays.

Actors needed (All ethnicities and looks will be considered):

FA: M 30s – 50s; Somewhat absent-minded father of the family. A “self-imprisoned” slave. Has the fewest lines of the show.

RUBY: F 30s – 50s; Fa’s wife. She is the queen-bee of the family. A former singer/actress “burnout” but has managed to keep her good looks.

SIGFRID: M 20s; Their son. Dark and handsome. Closeted bi-sexual. Philosophical about everything

LAKME: (pronounced lock-may) F late teens; Their daughter, Very wired and rambunctious. Awkward mannerisms.

GRANDFA: M 70s-ish; Fa’s dad. Imprisoned to the family, from a wheelchair. Always thinks he’s leaving the family. The only ‘sane’ one among them, and that’s not saying much.

CLARENCE: M 20’s; The “special visitor” of the evening. Committed to the cause of ‘live and let live.’ Very full of life and being positive. A romantic.

Auditions will be held Saturday 12/3 from 12 PM to 3 PM;
Call Backs will be Sunday 12/4 from 12 PM to 4 PM
Please bring a headshot and resume, auditions will consist of cold readings from the script, sides are available on our website at


To schedule an audition, go to

www.EquinoxThaetreDenver.com and click on “Auditions” to fill out the online form or email Deb at




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