12/12 & 12/13 Way Out West in A Dress by TC Layfayette
”Way Out West in a Dress” at Theater Company of Lafayette
Script and music by Bill Francoeur and Billy St. John
Directed by Kirsten Jorgensen Smith
A rip-roaring melodramatic romp into the old frontier with a troupe of actors who have inherited a “fortune”.
WHEN: December 12 & 13 at 7-9 p.m.
WHERE: The Mary Miller Theater, 300 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette, Colo.
DETAILS: Pick one night to attend. No appointment necessary. Bring one short song to sing (a cappella or play your own recorded music). There will be cold readings from the script.
REHEARSALS and PERFORMANCES: Rehearsals begin the week of January 5 at the Mary Miller Theater. Tech week is March 4 – 8 and all are required to attend. The play opens March 9 – 31 and runs weekends + two Sunday matinees.
Most roles require singing, however, most roles do not require a Broadway type singing voice unless noted. These are character roles with singing.
Male Roles
• Train Conductor–20-80 yrs- Extremely important non-speaking role. Strong stage presence required. Great opportunity for actor who has lost vocalization.
• Clarence Rawlins – 25-55 yrs, lead role, hero, cross-dressing required
• Colt Revolver, Jr. – 30-60 yrs, lead role, villain, ruthless son of a gun
• Roger Gaines – 25-60 yrs: lead role, hero sidekick, comic relief. Cross-dressing required
• Will Reader – 30-60 yrs, town lawyer
• Smitty Black – 25-60 yrs, blacksmith
• Bob Burr – 25-80 yrs, town barber
• Bill Holder – 25-80 yrs, banker
• Levy Fines – 30-80 yrs, judge
• Phillip Glass – 25-60 yrs, bartenderUnisex Roles
• R.I. Peay – M/F 25-80 yrs, undertaker
• Russell Grubb – M/F, ranch cook

Female Roles
• Melody Plunkett – 25-45 yrs, lead role, needs to be able to patter (sing really fast!)
• Jessica James – 25-55 yrs, lead role, villain, saloon hostess, needs a very good voice
• Barbara Seville – 20-30 yrs, saloon girl with operatic aspirations, needs operatic voice
• Heide Gray – 45-80 yrs, theater grand-dame
• Roberta Pinz – 25-80 yrs, comedic actor
• Nell Clipper – 15-30 yrs, giggly actor
• Carrie O’Key – 25-45 yrs, lead role, saloon girl, attempted singing required, but she can’t sing a note!
• Eileen Dover – 15-60 yrs, saloon girl, must hold head to one side during entire time on stage
• Rhoda Steed – 30-60 yrs, ranch owner
• Sadie Blessing – 30-60 yrs, preacher’s wife
For more information contact the director, Kirsten Jorgensen Smith,
at 720-219-2054 or boxoffice@tclstage.org .



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