2/9 Murder at Cafe Noir at Edge
Auditions for Murder at Café Noir – A Comic Tribute to the Bogart Movies of the 1940s.
Saturday, February 9th at 11am (no appointment necessary) at The Edge Theater, 1560 Teller Street in Lakewood.
This is the next musical murder mystery dinner theater show produced by Cynergie Creations in association with The Edge.
The show will take place at The Briarwood Inn in Golden, CO April 5-May 4 on Friday and Saturday evenings.
After the show closes at The Briarwood, we plan to continue to book the show at different venues throughout the year. This provides an opportunity for actors who would like a regular paying gig.
All actors must be able to sing and enjoy interactive theater – there is no 4th wall; the audience members are part of the show.
Please bring a recent headshot and résumé.
Your audition will consist of cold reading from the script (no monologues) and a short vocal presentation performed a cappella, (like an audition on American Idol).
All roles are paid positions.
Director is Cindy Ergenbright.
Rehearsals will be primarily on Saturdays for 4 hours around mid-day at The Edge plus one additional weekday evening to be determined.
No sides or scripts are available prior to auditions.
Show Details:
This is a published script, through Samuel French, written by David Landau of “Murder To Go” in Florham Park, NJ.
MTG Inc. is the world’s first interactive theater company and the inventors of the interactive mystery play.
David Landau is a member of the Dramatists Guild and Mystery Writers of America and is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter.
Mr. Landau has written over a dozen plays that have been professionally produced nationwide including the widely acclaimed Murder at Café Noir.
Café Noir continues to be the most widely produced mystery dinner theater play in the country, having enjoyed over one hundred productions throughout the United States.
It won the Orange Coast Magazine award for Best Dinner Theater in 1991.
Setting: A café on the tropical island of St. Vincent in the Grenadines (Caribbean).
Charater Breakdown:
Rick Archer – Male, 30s-50s
A private eye who’s always wanted to be Bogart or Mitchum in one of those 40s film noir movies, and has not gotten his chance.
A 007 type with charisma, charm, and swagger.
Madam Toureau – Female, 40s-50s
A lady who’s seen it all while managing the Café Noir – where everything is for sale. She’s bawdy, mysterious, sexy, smoldering, and an in-charge kind of woman.
Sheila Wonderly – Female, 30s-50s
Her real name is Sheilda Schickelmeier. Once a spoiled rich girl, she took a job at Café Noir and learned about life the hardest way of all, becoming hardened in the process.
A sexy dame, reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.
Anthony Cairo – Male, 30s-50s
A dealer in the black market, working at Café Noir to avoid the St. Vincent police. He has two scars, one on either side of his face.
Menacing, mysterious, under-handed, conniving. Reminiscent of the actor Peter Lorre.
Marie LaRue – Female, 30s-40s
The Creole illegitimate daughter of a Voodoo priestess and a St. Vincent’s political figure. She sells spells and fortunes at Café Noir.
Dark, mysterious, a little on the creepy side, but very sexy.
Simon Gutterman – Male, 40s-60s
A British barrister who lost his standing when he became implicated in a scandal of having affairs with wealthy female clients.
He now caters to the clientele of Café Noir. Simon is always looking for a quick way to make it to the top.
Sophisticated, opportunistic, sexy, charming. Must have a realistic British accent.
Male, 40s-60s
Thursby/Vangilder/Rigfield – Male, 30s-50s
These three characters are played by one actor.
Thurbsy is a two-bit gun runner.
Vangilder is a Dutch blackmailer.
Rigfield is a British cop from St. Vincent


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