3/25 Actor’s Choice at Dangerous

Audition on Sunday, March 25th at 7:00pm

 Auditions held at:

Denver‘s Dangerous Theatre

2620 W. 2nd Ave. #1

Denver, CO 80219

Instead of choosing a specific play to produce in May/June 2012, Denver’s Dangerous Theater is going to try something a little different.  This will be an “ACTOR’S CHOICE” audition. There will be 4-5 plays that will be possible for production.  The actors who choose to come to the audition will determine what play is produced. EVERYONE who is interested will need to be there at 7:00 when the possible plays will be introduced. Actors will then audition and state which play(s) and/or characters they would be interested in when they audition. EVEYONE will watch the auditions together so actors interested in the same play may be asked to read together. Who knows, depending on how many actors show up, we may produce two plays. The play(s) to be produced will be determined by the end of the audition and rehearsals will start immediately. (March 26th will be the first read through).


This is known.  Rehearsals will be on (most) Mondays – Thursdays


The run dates of the play are as follows:


May 4 – June 9th,

Fridays at 7:30, Saturdays at 7:00 and a couple Sunday Matinees at 1:00



If we find a 2nd production to cast it will run the same dates on Fridays @ 9:30 and Sundays at 3:00 NOTE: NO PERFORMANCES OVER MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND



Never heard of Denver’s Dangerous Theatre?


We only produce unpublished works that have never been staged in Denver. We pay our actors. 50% of the house is dedicated to paying the cast, playwright and staff at Dangerous Theatre. So there is no guarantee how much payment will be but payments for previous productions: Black Stockings (2 actors/$200 each) Kentucky Claus (9 actors/$167 each) Kama Sutra (2 actors/$600 each) Here Be Dragons (3 actors/ $160 each) We have produced over 20 productions since 2007. Only 6 have ever been reviewed, so if getting reviews is important, don’t bother to audition. Our website is www.DangerousTheatre.com for more information.


Who should audition?


Anyone (19+) who likes to take a chance on a new play at a theatre that produces plays no one knows about. Any level of experience is welcome to audition. If you are the kind of actor who will audition, get a part, accept the part, then continue to audition elsewhere and drop the part you previously accepted then please don’t bother to audition at Dangerous Theatre. Professionalism is expected.


If you wish to be part of this audition please either call Winnie Wenglewick at720-233-4703 or send her an email to Winnie@dangeroustheatre.com for further details and to register to participate.



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