4/25 Pippin at Gravity Defied

Gravity Defied Theatre will be holding open auditions for Pippin. LOOKING FOR A VERY DIVERSE CAST OF ALL ETHNICITIES AND BODY TYPES!
Gravity Defied Theatre is looking for a strong cast of talented vocalists, dancers, and movers with a dance core ages 16-50. And one child performer age 8-12. All Gravity Defied Theatre performer positions are unpaid.

Please feel free to call Artistic Production Manager, Keith Rabin at 303-957-8186 with any questions you may also email at


Please bring a headshot and resume and come prepared with 16-32 bars of a 70’s folk or pop song that shows your voice and vulnerability. Sheet music preferred, CD Accompaniment accepted…No A Cappella. There will be a dance audition so please bring clothes to move in.

Gravity Defied Theatre will be holding auditions at:

Lowry Town Center – 200 Quebec Street, (In the suite directly next to Pei Wei)
Monday 4/25/11 from 7:00p-9:00p
Callbacks*: Wednesday 4/27/11 from 7:00p – Finish
*Those unable to attend Auditions may be able schedule their initial audition at callbacks please call for more information.
CALL 303-957-8186 OR EMAIL keith.rabin@rmarts.org TO SCHEDULE YOUR AUDITION!
The Royal Family
Pippin – A young, skeptic in search of greatness in life. He is not sure where to begin looking for it or even if such a thing exists. Still, he hungers for an extraordinary life. Age 19-26 Tenor
Fastrada – Pippin’s stepmother, a devious, crafty, seductive force with only one thing on her mind: getting the throne for her son Lewis. Age 35-45 Soprano
Charlemagne – The regal and puffed up King. Father to Pippin and Lewis and husband to Fastrada. He is a bit of a drunk, pompous, in awe of himself, blustering and good at playing politics. Age 35-55 Bari-Bass
Lewis – Slippery, serpentine, SLIGHTLY effeminate, athletic and a mamma’s boy. He is Pippin’s half brother. Age 19-30
Berthe – Pippin’s crusty, spunky grandmother. She has a loud mouth and a zest for life (Could be fun if this role were male). Age 40-65 Alto (could be bari-bass-tenor if male)

A Normal Family
Catherine – In love with Pippin. The ideal wife… as she will tell you: conservative with a budget and liberal with a meal. A bit feisty and a bit goofy. Catherine is that pretty, girl-next-door. Age 19-26 Mezzo
Theo – (Could be female, Thea) Catherine’s son (daughter) is obviously excited at the prospect of a new male in the house warms up to Pippin right away. Small vocal role. Age 8-12

The Players
Leading Player – Sort of a narrator, sort of Pippin’s conscience, sort of that devil and angel that sits on your shoulder. He is dark in tone, severe, clever, manipulative, sarcastic and at times, sinister. Age 28-45 Strong Tenor
The Players – Looking for 15 -20 ensemble performers of all, shapes, sizes and ethnicities. All experience levels encouraged to audition. Ages 16 – 50 All Vocal Ranges

Keith Rabin Jr.
Artistic Production Manager
Gravity Defied Theatre




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