5/16 Slow Dance with a Hot Pick-Up at BDT
Boulder’s Dinner Theatre World Premier from Agnes of God playwright John Pielmeier and Matty Selman, SLOW DANCE WITH A HOT PICK-UP. This will be a 5 week workshop/run. Rehearsals begin Sept 5 and runs Sept 30th through Nov 5 2011. Auditions are at Boulder’s Dinner Theatre, 5501 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder on Monday May 16. Please call 303-449-6000 ext 120 for an appointment. Prepare a ballad and an up tempo that show you off best. Sides are available at

about”>www.bouldersdinnertheatre.com>about us> auditions.


Ralph: African American Viet Nam vet in his early 60’s. He is a gentle soul who has clearly been exposed to things that he tries to forget. He has a huge, generous spirit and is the Father figure. Vocally he should have a mellow, Motown voice. Rich and smooth.

Maysie: an Asian woman in her 30’s-40’s. She dreams of being a country music star. Vocally she should convince us she has the chops to sing country and she works hard to appear self confident.

Angelina: is either a Latina or and African American 19 – early 20’s who sees herself as model material. She like Maysie and Sheba comes off as super confident.

Shine: 30’s -40’s. The struggling family man who’s served time and who’s fractured past has placed him in a more obvious desperation that he wears on his sleeve.

Bill: is 19-20 and overflowing with hormones. He’s boyish and trying to be manly, self confident. Not classically handsome. He struggles to break free from his tyrannical father.

Sheba: also in her 30’s, is a tough woman with a temper; she works as an auto mechanic and believes that Jesus is her life partner.

Marie: is in her mid 50’s and still a hot mama. She’s a working class woman who has had a lot of hard knocks and is not pretending to be any more sophisticated than she is which she is not. She should have a voice that could sing rock: emotional gravel in her throat.

Henry: is 38-45. He keeps to himself until he finally breaks down in the second act. His life has been shaped by an enormous burden of guilt borne of a strong sense of ethics and responsibility. He has to be able to sing a blues riff that will kill you.

Announcer: 30-65 An authority, also a chameleon. He has to change according to how the characters hear his voice in their heads at any given time.



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