6/30 Allied Witches at Mercury Cafe
and writers
For October Theatrical Production
ALLIED WITCHES is an Eco-Feminist Theater group that works out of The Mercury Cafe, in solidarity with the persecuted and oppressed everywhere.
Each year we write and perform a tragic comedy for the Halloween season.
Past years’ subjects have included-                                                                                      Weapons Proliferation, war profits & student loans
The Women of Palestine
The Women of Afghanistan
Women in Columbia
Every four years we re-write
               “The Allied Witches’ Presidential Election Convention”
The premise is:
               Since World War I, every four years the Allied Witches’ Convention has focused on the U.S.A.’s Presidential election, with the purpose of electing a responsible counter force for whatever mischief the U.S. administration will be doing.
This play gives us the opportunity to nominate contemporary and historical women to profile and celebrate them.
Because it is Witches, we can create all magical tragic and comedic possibilities.  A basic script structure is in place and a few opening scenes.
We know we need an actress to portray Cynthia McKinney, the President Elect 2008.  Also, magical Animal news reporters, perhaps Katniss Everdeen, Lisbeth Salander or Hermione Granger, and all the great women we decide to nominate.
We will meet Saturday afternoons at 3:00 sharp, and Monday Evenings, 6 pm sharp.
Our first meeting is Saturday June 30th, 3 pm
Contact Marilyn at 303-294-9258,
Or e-mail marilyn@mercurycafe.com
Or talk to me here at the Mercury
Or just come to the first meeting.
Thank You.


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