7/9 & 7/11 Anne of Greene Gables by Parker Arts

The Parker Arts Council Presents:

Anne of Greene Gables
Auditions will be held for Anne of Green Gables on Monday, July 9th at 6pm and Wednesday July 11th at 6pm at 11031 South Pikes Peak Drive #102  Parker, CO 80138 in the conference room.  All actors must provide the following :
1.  A current headshot or photograph
2. A resume
3. A copy of the Actor Information form at the end of this packet
Please keep a copy of this packet for yourself.
Auditions will be cold readings from the script.
Callbacks will be held Friday, July 13th if needed. If you are unable to attend the scheduled audition dates please contact the director, Jennie Johnson at 303.693.2727 or at mommyjlj@yahoo.com.

Anne of Green Gables
Adapted by: Anita Larsen
Based on the novel Anne of Green Gables by: L.M. Montgomery

When elderly Marilla Cuthberth and her shy brother Matthew decide to adopt an orphan to help with farm work in early 1900s Canada, they expect a boy to arrive at the train station. Instead, a talkative, imaginative girl with fiery red hair and a taste for romance shows up — Anne (with an E) Shirley. What use will she be to them? asks reserve Marilla. But tender-hearted Matthew feels they might be of some use to Anne. It turns out that all three are much more than useful to one another — they’re as vital as breathing.

Anne of Green Gables
Cast of Characters


ANNE SHIRLEY:Anne is a vivacious, red- headed  girl with a big heart and an even bigger vocabulary. This role will be double cast. Young  Anne needs to be in the age range of 11-13. Teenage Anne will be between 16 and 18 years old.
MARILLA CUTHBERT:  A stern, but loving old maid in her late 50’s or early 60’s.
RACHEL LYNDE:  Mrs. Lynde knows everybody and their business. She comes across as intimidating, but her heart is usually in the right place. She is in her late 50’s or early 60’s.
JOSIE PYE:  An 11-13 year old girl who likes to push Anne’s buttons.
RUBY GILLIS: An 11-13 year old girl and friend of Anne.
JANE ANDREWS: An 11-13 year old girl and friend of Anne.
DIANA BARRY: An 11-13 year old girl who is Anne’s best and dearest friend.
MINNIE MAY BARRY: Dianna’s 5-7 year old sister.
PRISSY ANDREWS: A student who is 14-17years old. She is preparing for her entrance to teachers college and is in love with her teacher Mr. Phillips.
ELLIE BOULTER: A student at Avonlea School  7-10years old.
MISS STACY: Avonlea’s new 20 something  school teacher with new fangled ideas.



MATTHEW CUTHBERT:A very shy, but hardworking farmer in his late 50’s or early 60’s who is charmed by Anne.
GILBERT BLYTHE: The cutest boy in school! He loves to tease the girls, especially Anne. Gilbert is 13-15 years old.
MR. PHILLIPS: Avonlea’s 20 something  school teacher. He spends much of his time with Prissy Andrews.
DR. BLAIR,PEDDLER,ICE CREAM MAN: These roles will be given to one actor. They can be any age.
MARTIN ROSS: The handy man at Green Gables. He can be any age.
CHARLIE SLOAN: A boy at Avonlea school is 11-13 years old.
BOY IN CLASS #1: A boy at Avonlea school is 11-13 years old.
BOY IN CLASS #1: A boy at Avonlea school is 13-15 years old.
TOMMY SLOAN:  A boy at Avonlea school is 7-10 years old.
TIMMY ANDREWS:  A boy at Avonlea school is 7-10 years old.



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