8/29 Twilight Zone at TC Lafayette

Calling All Actors!
You are about to enter…The Twilight Zone.

The Theater Company of Lafayette will hold auditions for its incredibly popular Twilight Zone, a Parody (Volume 8).
August 29 and 30, 7-9 pm, at the Mary Miller Theater, 300 East Simpson Street, Lafayette. http://www.tclstage.org.
No appointment necessary. Just pick one night to attend. There will be cold readings from the scripts.

The show runs Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m., October 21-November 12; and two matinees at 2 p.m., October 30 and November 6.

All actors must be available for tech week, October 16-20.

We promise fun roles for men and women. Small or large, no roles have been precast…with the exception of Rod Serling.

Note: We have primarily adult roles available, however one episode does have three roles for ages 8-14.

Details of the episodes:

“Obsolete Man” – Directed by Ian Gerber

In a future totalitarian society where books have been banned, librarian Romney Wordsworth is put on trial for the crime of being obsolete. Wordsworth is found guilty and punishment is to be “liquidation” (i.e. death). Just what is the value of a human being?

This episode will be produced in a unique manner in mixed reader’s theater/chamber theater format. All lines will have to be memorized, however. Sound effects, added choral lines, and all but the 2 main characters’ lines, will be delivered by the “chorus”.


Romney Wordsworth – (M/ 40-70), or with script modifications (F/ 40-70)

Chancellor – (M/ 35-60)

6 to 7 Chorus – (F/M 20-70)

“The Changing of the Guard” – Directed by Dave Dahl

A professor being forced to retire is visited by the ghosts of the students he inspired.


Professor Ellis Fowler – (M /70s. Quiet, gentle, brilliant, with a dry sense of humor)

The Headmaster (F/ Mid 30’s – 50s. A former student of Fowler, she has the awkward duty of telling the Professor he’s being retired)

Mrs. Landers: (F/ Any adult age. She is Professor Fowler’s housekeeper and loyal friend. She is kind and supportive)

Former Students: Artie Beechcroft, Judith Bartlett, Edith Weiss, and Thompson. (M/F Any adult age. The students return to allow the Professor to see how important his life has been)

“The Last Rites of Jeff Mrytlebank” – Directed by Kirsten Jorgensen

A man returns from the dead during his own funeral.


Tom Ferguson -country boy that “knows everything” (M/ 8-14)

Jerry/Gerri – country youth well versed in use of slingshot (M/F 8-14)

Rev. Siddon– Town preacher (M/ 30 +)

Jefferson Mrytlebank– mysterious young man (M/ 20-30)

Doctor Bolton– county doctor (M/ 40 and up)

Ma Myrtlebank– timid farm wife and mother of Jeff (F/ 40 and up)

Pa Mrytlebank– farmer of few words and father of Jeff (M /40 and up)

Comfort Gatewood– fiancé of Jeff, timid (F/ late teens to mid 20’s)

Liz Gatewood– precocious young girl (F/ 7-14 years)

Mrs. Ferguson– mother of Tom, a gossip (F/ 30 and up)

Peters– town busybody and county voice (M/F 30 and up)

Staruss– conscientious sidekick to Peters (M/F 30 and up)

Orgram/Orga Gatewood– Town bully, older sibling to Comfort (M/F 20-30)

Ma Gatewood– mother of Comfort and Orgram/Orgra, timid (F/ 40 and up)

Additional towns folk – (all ages and sexes desired).

“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” – Directed by Erich Toll

A man recovering from a nervous breakdown sees a mysterious creature on the wing of an airplane he’s on.


Wilson – (M/F 30s to 60s – this actor should have a wide range of big facial expressions)

Wilson’s spouse – (M/F 30s to 60s – this actor should be great with subtext and unspoken meaning)

Gremlin – (M/F, prominent role without dialogue; young, physically fit actor with great range for physical comedy)

Pilot – (M/ 40s to 60s)

Flight attendant – (F/ 20s to 40s)

Optional – other passengers

And….Four vintage commercials!

NOTE: TCL is also seeking a costumer For Twilight Zone. Stipend available. Please let us know if you are interested, or if you know of anyone who would like to be part of the TZ-TCL experience!

For more information, call 720-209-2154, or email madge@tclstage.org.



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