Summer foreCAST: A Lie of the Mind at Paragon

WHEN: July 16 — August 13, 2011
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 7:30pm

From the Paragon website: After a severe incident of spousal abuse tears Jake and Beth apart, their two families hole up to await the backlash. Set in rural California and Montana, Shepard’s classic road-worn characters become caught up in a deranged and piercing fable that renders open harsh realities of their familial dysfunction, loyalty and the nature of love.

Directed by Jarrad Holbrook, featuring ensemble members Emily Paton Davies and Carolyn Valentine. Also starring Tom Borrillo, Patty Mintz Figel, William Hahn, Jim Hunt, James O’Hagan-Murphy, and Edith Weiss.

WHY WE ARE EXCITED: Paragon’s niche is doing powerful and moving pieces, showing relationships at their best and worst. They never shy away from the potentially unsettling plays, in fact they run towards them. HE is a little biased given he was just in reasons to be pretty and The Pride, but we both always walk out of Paragon’s productions being truly moved and completely fulfilled with the evening of art we just participated in. This production is sure to follow suit and we can’t wait to see it.

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