Summer foreCAST: Pippin at Ignite Theatre

WHEN: August 5 – August 21, 2011

From the Ignite website: Pippin highlights the tale of Prince Pippin and his need to find meaning and purpose in his life. Being a well educated prince and having everything he could ever want isn’t enough, so he sets out to find what truly fulfills him. With the help of what seems to be his conscience and his colorful, sometimes misleading, subconscious thoughts (The Players), Pippin explores aspects of his life that he feels will bring him the fulfillment he seeks, only to find that what he may really need in life could be something as simple as a small broken family, or no life at all.

WHY WE ARE EXCITED: Newly minted Ignite Theatre, the company formerly known as Gravity Defied, has been known to produce works of the quality to help it rise above any stigmas or negative connotations one might have attached to the term “community theatre”. Danny Harrigan is at the helm again, after directing last summer’s hit Lippa’s The Wild Party, and he has brought with him a promising cast making this one show to keep in mind.

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One thought on “Summer foreCAST: Pippin at Ignite Theatre


    Posted by Keith Rabin Jr. | July 1, 2011, 4:39 pm

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