Number 7 – Angels in America at Vintage Theatre

"Tony Kushner has written an incredible script that speaks to the heart of so many raw points of life: love, prejudice, politics, faith, and death. Vintage Theatre has a lot going for it in this difficult undertaking. In addition to creative designs and staging, the cast is strong and...we encourage Denver theatre-goers to go see this strong company’s interpretation of a must-see piece of American dramatic literature."

"What stands out is one quote, “the world only turns forward”. It’s almost as if Kushner was starting his own “It Gets Better” Campaign. This concept endows the audience with a sense of inevitable progress and confidence to embrace the truth of the present to make a better future. With...a recent rash of gay teen suicides,those ideas could not come at a better time and we applaud Vintage Theatre for their boldness in presenting this story."

LASTING IMPRESSION: It’s not easy to mount an epic, modern-day American classic, but Vintage Theatre fearlessly did just that. More importantly, they did it at a time when issues of homosexuality are reaching a boiling point in our political landscape – with gay marriage headed to the Supreme Court and the potential repeal of DADT. With their passionate performances, the strong cast made use of an unusual space and were able to maintain the heart of the story throughout two evenings, each of which is lengthy by typical standards.

He Said/She Said’s Top Ten Denver Productions – NUMBER 6 —>
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